A company specializing in doors and windows for your home.

While Rafflin carpentry dates back to 1978, the company Rafflin Alu & PVC started in 2011 to provide craftsmanship level work using standard industrial items such as window frames and security doors.

The opportunity to create this company arose when Renov’art decided to expand their range of products available, thus allowing our firm to contribute with its high level products at the right price.

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Alu pvc colors

We provide close service responsibly

Rafflin Alu & PVC operates within an area of 30 km around its headquarters to ensure maximum timeliness during installation or after sales service.

We are aware of the inconvenience that renovations can cause to neighbours and to customers, therefore our company operates in full respect of condominium rules and our technicians proceed to the cleaning of sites.

For large quantities of debris, our company will also provide removal and waste disposal to the appropriate center.

We guarantee the use of non- isocyanate solvents in respect of health and the environment.